As a photographer specializing in children, I am often hired for children’s birthday parties across Ireland.

My style of party photography is a little different from family portrait photography in that it is reporting and documentary and focuses entirely on capturing the special moments of the party as they unfold without my involvement. I try my best to be discreet and I will be there simply to create a beautiful record of the day to look at, the blowing of candles on the birthday cake, the narrative of the child artist, the chase of bubbles and even tears when it is very fun and it’s time to go home! I will photograph adults and children. Please note that my weekends are usually booked with family photo sessions well in advance, so contact me if you want to talk about photography on your child’s birthday. It is also worth thinking about a family portrait session, as well as, or instead of, birthday party photos, as a record of your child at that specific age – this is especially popular on the first birthdays of a year old!

Baptism… They have been preparing for months and for the whole family it is a very special moment! Photography has the power to stop time and save it forever. Your child’s baptism or first communion is one of the seminal moments of life, a joyous occasion when all of your closest friends and family get together. We will do everything necessary to make it a great memory.

I am always discreet – my silent equipment and my sensitive approach mean that you will barely notice me as I silently photograph your child’s special day. I am focused on capturing all the wonderful moments – from the beauty of the place to the atmosphere throughout the service and reception, in addition to significant details, such as cake or decorations. I will photograph the main moments of the event, as well as the reactions of your guests. I can also take some group portraits of your family and friends (if you want) and document the fun and beauty of your reception.

Let me know if you have any particular priorities – I am more than happy to accept them, I want you to have photographs that you really love.

We do not reserve time for the session, we will be the necessary time to take some beautiful photos! We only do one event a day to make sure they get all the attention they deserve! Therefore, our seats are limited. I like to register the child’s simplicity and naturalness, to feel free and at ease.
We take pictures with parents and siblings, if any, and if there is a pet too!

Each child is different, so the session adapts to his style, I like to do new things, so if you have any ideas, I will be happy to make this happen.


Check out our gallery below for some inspiration! or call us with your crazy ideas – we love a challenge.


I would love to hear your opinion so we can talk more about the photo shoot.
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