Photography not only loves the beauty of images, but maintains its history, reveals details, expressions, feelings for a day when it will stop being a baby. It will be a way to relive all the emotions of special moments early in your life.

With the experience of hundreds of newborns photographed, we can guarantee that working with babies is always a surreal box, they are unique, fascinating and delicate, who can spend hours spending on important records.
Elegance, sophistication, timelessness and minimalism…

We recommend that this happens in the first 15 days after birth, once the baby has body memory, provides intrauterine life and is ideal for performing poses. Once we have available on the agenda, there are only 12 newborn sessions per month, so it is important to book in advance, to ensure that this occurs within the season. Obviously, we cannot know on the day of birth, but we will prepare a forecast according to the data provided for delivery and readjust the confirmation of the baby’s verification.

We provide all the accessories for the most beautiful and delicate sessions.

The Newborn Session takes place in an exclusive studio for babies, with strict temperature and humidity control, to guarantee two small models during or during the year. Photography has the magic of reliving those moments, when it seems that the image is out of focus. In your mind, you can see the pictures, remember what it was like and go back to that moment of happiness.

The session takes place in the first days of life. During this time, babies sleep more deeply and have more flexibility. It is advisable not to pass because the first colic, gas and less sleep start to appear.
We have many props and accessories to make the session as beautiful and delicate as possible.

During the session, your baby will be so comfortable that, like when he was in the gut and you too, I want you to feel at home.

We focus on the little one, but we always take pictures with the parents, registering the affection between their family, the greatest love in the world. If there are small siblings, they will also participate in the session.


Check out our gallery below for some inspiration! or call us with your crazy ideas – we love a challenge.



Where do Sessions place?

All of my Newborn sessions take place in my studio, where we have everything equipped for the session and prepared for your baby and your safety. In the studio, I have a variety of accessories, fabrics and clothes of international origin for your baby to choose from. You can also bring special items (such as a family heirloom) that you would like to include in your baby’s photographs.


I would love to hear your opinion so we can talk more about the photo shoot.
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