For monitoring the baby, we suggest quarterly sessions that value the baby’s changes in each session, for example, at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. But we chose to leave you free to choose how you want to register your child’s first year. We provide complete clothes and accessories for the most beautiful and delicate sessions.

A phase of immense changes, it can be said that, when they change to the maximum, they go from newborns to the first steps. We went through many, many different stages … they started to bring the children together, to raise their heads, to persuade and a thousand other things. Many changes in a short time. A fear or photographic power to interrupt those moments and you can save and relive them whenever you want.

As we mentioned, there were many changes, so we created a baby that we call “Baby’s Plan”, which contained several quarterly and half-yearly sessions and the last to celebrate or the first year.

They did not express that this option, always for an individual session, to represent the baby’s beauty and shape.


Check out our gallery below for some inspiration! or call us with your crazy ideas – we love a challenge.


Where do Sessions place?

Sessions for babies and children can be held in the comfort of your home in a more natural way in the lifestyle style, showing the day to day of your family or in my studio, where we have everything equipped for the session and prepared for your baby and your safety . In the studio, I have a variety of accessories, fabrics and clothes of international origin for your baby to choose from. You can also bring special items (such as a family heirloom) that you would like to include in your baby’s photographs.


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