In your baby’s first year of life, it’s amazing how much they grow and change. Their first birthday is a milestone in their little lives. The official end of your childhood and entering a new chapter – childhood! It is also a beautiful time as a parent to reflect on how far you’ve been together over the past year. I offer first birthday baby photography sessions to celebrate this special milestone.


Check out our Cake Smash gallery below for some inspiration! or call us with your crazy ideas – we love a challenge.



Whe should I book my Cake Smash session?

At least 4 weeks before your child’s 1st or 2nd birthday. This gives us time to discuss a theme and/or colors for your child’s session. You also need to contact the baker few weeks before the session with your desired color scheme for the cake

There are two options for organizing your cake:

1) 10 to 11 months, so you have your artwork back in time for your child’s birthday party. You can also use the images for the invitations. Definitely a much more popular option.
2) On their birthday! The cake-breaking session can be a special birthday gift and a morning with the family. If you have a specific date, you MUST book a few weeks in advance!

What order of images do you take in a 1st Birthday Photography Session?

During the first birthday sessions, I take several pictures, including: baby on my own, with 1 or 2 changes of clothes, pictures of parents, a cake smash (or watermelon or fruit, if you prefer a healthier option) and a bubble bath in my mini bath to finish and clean.

Where do sessions place?

All of my Smash The cake sessions take place in my home studio in Dubin 8 ( Behind St. James Hospital).  In the studio, I have a variety of accessories, fabrics and clothes for your baby to choose and a scenario specially set up for your baby’s session, standard or in a thematic way and super decorated with balloons, containers, panels, flowers or as you wish . You can also bring special items (such as a family heirloom) that you would like to include in your baby’s photographs.

Do you provide the cake?

No, I don’t for liability reasons and I would also need a food license in order to provide cakes to my clients. However, I can recommend a bakery that has made cakes for my sessions. If your child is allergic to anything that could be found in a cake we can change the cake for fruits (watermelon or strawberries )

How long is the Smash The Cake session?

As any parent knows, babies have a very short attention span. My first birthday photo shoot usually lasts about 45 to 60 minutes and can vary for each child. Right now, my goal is to get the most images and the most variety in the images in your gallery before babies decide they’ve had enough.

 What should my baby wear?

Come in a onesie or something easy to remove, bring a little outfit for the smash if you like or we can provide one of our outfits available in the studio

 Can I bring family members?

My studio area is quite small however I also find that the more people in the room, the more distracted the children can get. To get the most out your child’s session I recommend limiting it to parents only.

May I be in the photo with my child? 

Of course. We can start with family pictures before get into the messy fun.

What if my child is sick? 

A healthy child is a happy child. Please let me know within 24hrs of your session if your child is sick, has a runny nose, or cough, so we can reschedule your session. Since I work very closely with newborns or other children, I need to be extra diligent in protecting these precious little beings.

When will I receive my photos and products? 

You will receive your private online gallery 2 days after the session. The gallery will be available for 5 days. Time enough for you and your family select your favorite images. Once you select the images and finalize the gallery it takes around 4 weeks to receive the digitals and 7 weeks to receive any printed products (Album, box, frame, prints, and final package with USB


I would love to hear your opinion so we can talk more about the photo shoot.
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